Deep Freezer Mat Solutions

Our commercial walk-in freezer floor mats are engineered to perform in even the coldest temperatures. Shop Now
A user stands on top of the NoTrax deep freezer mat for commercial walk-in freezers.


A roll of NoTrax deep freezer matting specifically designed for commercial walk-in freezers and chillers.

Deep Freeze Mat™ from NoTrax®

Arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen or food preparation operation, the Deep Freeze Mat™ is specifically formulated to perform in deep cold environments and holds up under repeated daily use.

  • Manufactured with MicroStop® anti-microbial rubber compound resistant to chemical and temperature variations
  • Raised knob solid top surface that enhances traction, while the low profile allows for easy on/off cart traffic
  • Tested to withstand temperatures to - 40° Fahrenheit (approximately - 40° Celsius)
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Freezer Floor Mat Features

Designed for use in meat lockers, walk-ins, and other specialty freezer applications. Our deep freeze mat is also manufactured with MicroStop®, an anti-microbial rubber compound, that reduces the potential contamination of your stored goods.

Every NoTrax freezer mat can be cut to the exact length of your cold-storage walkway needs. NoTrax walk-in deep freeze mats are specifically designed to retain their traction and anti-fatigue qualities in extreme cold conditions.


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