NSF Rubber Cutting Board Sani-Tuff® T45 Rectangle

  • Keeps Knives Sharp - This rubber cutting board has a soft finish that doesn't dull knives or provide unwanted bounce back.
  • Long Lasting - Made from high density rubber that won't crack, splinter or peel and can be resurfaced
  • Easy to Clean - Hand Wash with dish soap. No special oils/cleaners required
  • Safe to Use - Anti-Microbial to prevent bacterial growth, NSF certified, non Toxic, and complies with FDA guidelines
  • Available Colors: Buff
  • Overall Thickness: 1; 1/2; 2; 3/4
  • Stock Sizes: 1" x 12"x 18"; 1" x 15"x 20"; 1" x 18"x 24"; 1" x 48"x 72"; 1/2" x 6"x 8"; 1/2" x 8"x 8"; 1/2" x 12"x 18"; 1/2" x 15"x 20"; 1/2" x 18"x 24"; 1/2" x 48"x 72"; 2" x 48"x 72"; 3/4" x 12"x 18"; 3/4" x 15"x 20"; 3/4" x 18"x 24"; 3/4" x 48"x 72"
  • Custom Lengths: 1/2", 3/4" and 1" Thickness
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T45 Angle
T45 Angle T45 Cutting Board T45 Group T45 Cutting Board T45 Cutting Board T45 Cutting Board T45 Appplication T45 Swatch

Sani-Tuff® cutting boards are made from a high density rubber compound that won’t crack, splinter, swell, or absorb liquids or odors, and lasts far longer than cutting boards made from wood or plastic. Sani-Tuff® cutting boards are tested and certified by NSF International. The rubber compound used for these cutting boards has a high degree of resiliency preserving knife edges longer. Sani-Tuff® cutting boards can be resurfaced by sanding the board as needed. Manufactured with Microstop™ anti-microbial rubber compound.