Replacement Inserts for Shoe Sanitizer System 355 2-Zone

  • A simple, safe solution to help disinfect shoes from spreading contaminants
  • Effective shoe cleaner prior to sanitizing shoes
  • Easy instruction to sanitize shoes
  • Vinyl backed to prevent slipping
  • Adhesive backed replaceable mats for hassle free cleaning
  • Available Colors: Charcoal
Made in USA Made in USA
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355 Carpet
355 Carpet 355 Zone 1 355 Zone 1

A compact 2-Zone shoe sanitizer system to safely clean and sanitize shoes. The shoe sanitizer mat helps to disinfect shoes and also provides an absorbent mat to quickly and safety dry shoes. The dual purpose zone 1 of the disinfectant shoe mat features a mat with coarse fibers to scrape the bottom of shoes and a fillable tray for the disinfectant mat solution. The drying zone 2 uses highly absorbent berber carpet for quick drying and slip prevention after disinfecting shoes. The instructional messaging on the shoe sanitizer mat easily shows people how to clean shoes, making it ideal for school entrances, businesses, facilities, and even homes. The system contains adhesive backed disposable carpets for quick and easy cleaning and installation. Disinfecting shoes doesn't have to be difficult. This simple 2 zone disinfectant mat provides the peace of mind by reducing the amount of bacteria and virus spread from the soles of shoes.