Surplus Floor Mat Products

Browse a variety of NoTrax® safety and anti-fatigue floor mats.

NoTrax industrial mats provide the perfect solution for improving safety and comfort for standing workers. Our industrial mats accommodate the many varieties of workplace conditions and many unique workplace designs. Shop a variety of overstock/surplus NoTrax safety and anti-fatigue workplace mats. All surplus mat products are in brand new condition and arrive in unopened manufacturers packaging.

Shop Surplus Drainage Mats for Commercial Kitchens

Due to the amount of grease, water, and other liquids present in commercial kitchens, these food preparation operations require specialized matting to keep workers safe and upright. Reduce the chances for slips and falls with NoTrax® mats featuring slip resistance. In wet areas, these mats increase traction while providing fatigue relief, slip prevention and insulation. Shop the oversupply of drainage mats from NoTrax.

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    Value Line lightweight natural rubber kitchen drainage antifatigue mat
    Starting at: $86.00

    SKU: T25 Buy Now
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    Tek-Tough JR® Red
    Heavy-duty anti-fatigue drainage restaurant grease resistant floor mat
    Starting at: $161.00

    SKU: T14RD Buy Now
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    Everday interlocking drainage anti-fatigue restaurant kitchen mat
    Starting at: $43.00

    SKU: T32 Buy Now
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    Tek-Tough JR® Black
    Heavy-duty anti-fatigue drainage restaurant rubber mat
    Starting at: $92.00

    SKU: T14 Buy Now
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    Everyday lightweight restaurant floor mat
    Starting at: $54.00

    SKU: T30 Buy Now