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Mats from NoTrax offer superior reliability and are ideal for a variety of applications including commercial and industrial facilities, public buildings, and residential areas. Our selection of discount and overstock mats includes a wide range of matting options. To protect personnel from slips and falls, discount anti-slip mats are ideal. NoTrax also offers residential anti-slip mats that are perfect for kitchens or outdoor grilling areas.

Whether you need an indoor or outdoor mat, NoTrax has a wide selection of products that are built to last. Discount anti-fatigue mats are also available. These mats are designed to provide employees a comfortable working area that will reduce the strain on the body caused by standing for long periods of time.

Whatever your matting needs, NoTrax has the perfect mat for your home or place of business. Take a look at our extensive selection of discount and overstock mat options and find the mat that is right for you.

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  1.  619S0315RD
    Drain Lite™ - 619 Overstock
    Economical everyday lightweight restaurant floor mat
    Starting at: $72.00
  2. T26 Red
    Hercules™ Red - T26RD Overstock
    Value Line lightweight nitrile rubber kitchen drainage antifatigue mat
    Starting at: $22.00
  3. T22 Red
    Grip True™ Red - T22RD Overstock
    Lightweight nitrile rubber traction mat for in wet or greasy areas
    Starting at: $43.00
3 Items
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