Rules & Restrictions – NoTrax Free shipping

  • Orders $79 or more automatically qualifies for free shipping – no promo code required
  • Order amount to qualify excludes taxes or other charges
  • UPS ground or LTL (least cost) only – choice of NoTrax
  • Premium shipping will be charged in full, i.e., no partial credit
  • Available only in the United States and its 48 contiguous states
  • Offer subject to change without notice and may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of NoTrax

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    Brush Step®
    Ribbed pattern entrance mat for cleaning the bottom of shoes
    Starting at: $21.00
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    Waffle pattern that is raised and crushproof to clean bottom of shoes
    Starting at: $35.00
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    Rubber Brush™
    Outdoor entrance mat with flexible fingers to remove dirt and debris
    Starting at: $25.00
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    Everyday lightweight restaurant floor mat
    Starting at: $38.00
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    Foam anti-fatigue ribbed surface
    Starting at: $18.00
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    Cushion Trax®
    Diamond-plate surface anti-fatigue mat. NoTrax Best Seller
    Starting at: $59.00
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    Interlocking rubber mat provides ergonomic support and remove fluids
    Starting at: $58.00
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    Sanitop® Black
    Heavy-duty antifatigue drainage workstation rubber mat
    Starting at: $52.00
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    Marble Sof-Tyle™
    Smooth marble-pattern anti-fatigue mat for ergonomic comfort
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