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Interlocking Floor Mat Tiles for Industrial Settings

Add safety and ergonomics to virtually any work space.

When you have large or complicated layouts, anti-fatigue floor tiles are the answer. Unique interlocking system floor tiles join together and create a smooth and stable surface at work stations.
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    Ultramat® Max Red
    Heavy-duty interlocking antifatigue grease resistant kitchen floor mat
    Starting at: $167.00
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    Modular Lok-Tyle™
    Lightweight interlocking tiles for use as flooring in wet environments
    Starting at: $1.00
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    Premier anti fatigue grease resistant restaurant kitchen mat
    Starting at: $86.00
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    San-Eze® II
    Top-of-the-line Cadillac grease resistant red restaurant kitchen mat
    Starting at: $103.00
4 Items
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