Anti Fatigue Mat Pebble Trax® Grande™ 980

  • The pebble embossed rubber top surface is combined with a dense closed cell PVC foam base
  • Spark resistant
  • UniFusion™ bond guaranteed for the life of the mat
  • Redstop™ non-slip backing to reduce mat slippage
  • Beveled edges on all 4 sides
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Overall Thickness: 1
  • Stock Sizes: 2'x 3'; 3'x 5'; 3'x 12'
  • Roll Sizes: 2'x 75'; 3'x 75'; 4'x 75'
  • Custom Lengths: 2', 3' and 4' widths (up to 75' long)
Made in USA Made in USA
As low as $18.00
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Pebble Trax® Grande™ is a full ONE-INCH thick anti-fatigue floor mat providing the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic support in dry environments such as assembly lines, lab areas, machine workstations and packaging areas. The pebble-embossed rubber top provides non-directional traction and is easy to clean and resists exposure to sparks from welding. Made with a resilient SBR rubber compound, the top surface is combined with a dense closed cell foam base utilizing Notrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology. This virtually eliminates the possibility of de-lamination. All Notrax® laminate floor mats come standard with RedStop™, a uniquely engineered non-slip backing technology that eliminates the slipping and sliding of floor mats on smooth surface flooring such as tile, wood, marble, and treated concrete. The sloped beveled edges reduce tripping hazards and allow easy access on and off the mat.