Disposable Surgical Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat 423

  • Smaller individual size (2’ x 2’) allows for multiple mats to be used at a single time
  • Closed cell foam relieves leg and back discomfort; provides a barrier to cold floors
  • Individually wrapped for cleaner more efficient storage - 8/pk
  • Ribbed surface texture provides good traction for surgical booties
  • Lightweight, easy to dispose of
  • Available Colors: Gray
  • Overall Thickness: 3/8
Made in USA Made in USA
As low as $100.00
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The disposable surgical mat is an anti-fatigue floor mat that offers comfort and relief from leg and back pain during long surgical procedures, at a price that won’t make you feel guilty about throwing it away. Surgeons and operating room staff routinely stand for extended periods of time without any anti-fatigue or ergonomic support. This lightweight mat has been a popular and proven performer in the NoTrax® industrial and commercial product line for many years. Now available in a new individually wrapped multi-pack, perfect disposable anti-fatigue floor mat for use in operating rooms or other sensitive areas where a disposable single-use product is required. Made from a comfortable PVC foam, the ribbed top surface design offers traction for use with surgical footwear or booties.