Modular Industrial Floor Protector Mat Slabmat™ 040

  • Tough natural rubber compound, virtually indestructible
  • Thick platform can withstand heavy weights while the non-slip textured top surface ensures sure footing and freedom of movement
  • Modular interlocking, designed for use with heavy industrial equipment
  • Shock absorbing, impact protection
  • Compression test at 20% up to 24,000 lb/sf
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Overall Thickness: 1/2
  • Stock Sizes: 3'x 3'
As low as $103.00
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The Slabmat™ is a durable product designed for dry areas where heavy industrial equipment is stored. It is also suitable for gyms, weight rooms, skating rinks, golf courses, trailers and stables. This indestructible rubber mat absorbs shock from falling objects and protects floors as well as equipment. The textured top surface provides traction and limits slip hazards. These interlocking mats allow on-site customization. Units of 3ft x 3ft tiles can be easily laid out from wall to wall or as islands, in any shape or direction. If it is necessary to add beveling be sure to allow outside and inside corners.