Matting Icons

Anti-FatigueAnti-Fatigue: Matting that alleviates foot pressure, stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce stress on the neck, legs, and lower back.


Anti-SlipAnti-Slip: Matting designed to provide added traction through aggressive surface patterns and textures.


Anti-StaticAnti-Static: Formulated to absorb static electricity.


CleaningCleaning: Suitable for cleaning with high pressure (hot) power-washer.


Cold ResistantCold Resistant: Material formulated to withstand freezing temperatures.


CustomCustom: Mats available in custom sizes and/or lengths.


DrainageDrainage: Open construction matting allows for liquids and debris to pass through, providing secure footing in wet environments.

Fire RetardantFire Retardant: Matting designed to resist the spread of fire and withstand heat, tested and certified by independent laboratories.

Floor ProtectionFloor Protection: Absorbs impact, reduces breakage and protects floors.


Food ProcessingFood Processing: Matting suitable for use in food processing plants/areas where exposure to animal fats, greases, and oils are common.

Food ServiceFood Service: Matting suitable for use in kitchens, bars and other food service areas.


Heavy TrafficHeavy Traffic: Recommended for use in heavy traffic entranceways.


InsulationInsulation: Protects against cold floors, vibrations and noise.


Light TrafficLight Traffic: Recommended for use in light traffic entranceways.


Medium TrafficMedium Traffic: Recommended for use in medium traffic entranceways.


Modular SystemModular System: Interlocking mats allow for easy on-site customization and configurations.


Non-ConductiveNon-Conductive: Formulated to provide insulation for the worker, it keeps the worker from being “grounded”, thereby preventing electric shock.

Oil/Grease ResistantOil/Grease Resistant: Matting suitable for contact with oils, greases, and animal fats.


Outdoor UseOutdoor Use: Heavy-duty construction designed to act as a first line of defense against tracked-in dirt by scraping, soil and moisture from shoes.

WeldingWelding: Matting designed to withstand exposure to sparks in areas where welding takes place.