Chicago, IL – Corporate Headquarters

Chicago’s 240,000 sq. ft. facility serves as the world headquarters and manufacturing site for compression molded rubber products.

Moselle, MS

All vinyl sponge, injection molded solid vinyl, and laminated anti-fatigue matting products are manufactured at the 150,000 square foot plant located in Moselle, Mississippi. The Moselle facility is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Barendrecht, Netherlands

In 2000, our reach extended outside of North America with the formation of Notrax® - Mats for Professional Use-Europe B.V. in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. Superior is now able to support European distribution channels through this stocking location with a full staff of matting experts, complete sales and marketing services, and the ability to fabricate custom finished lengths on many of the NoTrax® mats currently available to the European market.

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