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Industrial Safety Mats for Education

Educational facilities like schools, training centers or universities may have special floor mat needs. Anti-fatigue mats provide comfort for teachers that must stand on their feet or in one spot for long durations. In gyms and weight rooms, use mats that can protect floors from heavy equipment – wall to wall configurations are available. For cafeteria areas, non-slip drainage mats helps protect employees as well as students.

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    Modular Lok-Tyle™ - 523
    Lightweight interlocking tiles for use as flooring in wet environments
    Starting at: $1.00
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    Superfoam™ Plus - T57
    Best soft gel foam anti-fatigue mat for extreme comfort
    Starting at: $33.00
  3. 1 0
    Competitor™ - T30
    Everyday lightweight restaurant floor mat
    Starting at: $38.00
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    Niru® Versa Runner™ - 755
    Nitrile rubber runner with a slotted knob-top design
    Starting at: $87.00
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    Optimat® - T15
    Honeycomb antifatigue drainage grease resistant restaurant kitchen mat
    Starting at: $102.00
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    Superflow™ Black - T18
    Lightweight reversible restaurant kitchen floor mat
    Starting at: $42.00
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    San-Eze® - T12
    Premier anti fatigue grease resistant restaurant kitchen mat
    Starting at: $98.00
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    San-Eze® II - T11
    Top-of-the-line Cadillac grease resistant red restaurant kitchen mat
    Starting at: $117.00
8 Items
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