ESD/High Voltage Matting

ESD Floor Mats Prevent the Buildup of Static Electricity

Static Dissipative Mats Ideal for Workstations or Production Lines

ESD (electrostatic discharge solutions) floor mats protect people from generating large amounts of static electricity, which they can accomplish by just walking around. Not only do NoTrax rubber static dissipative mats provide the most effective protection against static, our anti-fatigue floor mats offer ergonomic benefits as well. ESD mats are available as standalone mats for individual workstations, linear lengths for production lines or streets, and interlocking modular solutions for large custom configurations. Static dissipative mats feature anti-slip surface patterns for sure footing. A full range of ESD accessories are also available.

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    Clean-Step™ Tacky Mat
    Use at entrance and exit to laboratories, operating rooms and other locations that require a sterile environment.
    Starting at: $61.00
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    Skymaster® HD i-Curve™ ESD
    ESD general purpose 45° curve interlocking tile
    Starting at: $48.00
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    Skymaster® HD o-Curve™ ESD
    ESD general purpose 22.5° curve interlocking tile
    Starting at: $47.00
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    Skystep™ ESD
    A standalone ESD rubber mat designed for individual workstations
    Starting at: $70.00
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    Skymaster® HD ESD
    ESD general purpose 3x3 interlocking tile for greater fatigue relief
    Starting at: $88.00
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    Modular Lok-Tyle™
    Lightweight vinyl tiles for use as flooring in wet environments
    Starting at: $1.00
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    Superflow™ XT ESD
    Lightweight rubber workstation ESD mat
    Starting at: $70.00
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    Cushion-Ease® ESD Solid
    ESD natural rubber heavy duty solid modular anti-fatigue mat
    Starting at: $130.00
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    De-Flex™ ESD
    ESD natural rubber modular mat provides ergonomic support and traction
    Starting at: $39.00
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    Niru® Cushion-Ease® Solid FR ESD
    ESD 100% Nitrile fire retardant heavy duty solid modular anti-fatigue
    Starting at: $361.00
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    Cushion-Stat™ W/ Dyna-Shield®
    Dissipative/anti-static PVC sponge floor mat
    Starting at: $30.00
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    Diamond Stat™
    Dissipative/anti-static diamond top anti-fatigue mat
    Starting at: $97.00
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    Anti-Stat P.O.P.™
    Dissipative/anti-static vinyl work surface to keep components safe
    Starting at: $466.00
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    Switchboard Matting - Corrugated
    Switchboard mat corrugated mat to provide insulation for the worker
    Starting at: $852.00
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    Switchboard Matting - Diamond
    Switchboard mat diamond plate mat to provide insulation for the worker
    Starting at: $1065.00
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