Food Processing

Food Processing Floor Covering Mats for Safe Workstations

Anti Microbial Floor Mats Suitable for Food Processing Plants

Food processing floor covering mats at food manufacturing plants must maintain a critical balance between food safety and employee safety. All NoTrax food processing anti-fatigue mats are made of specific formulations and with designs that provide good adherence and instant evacuation of liquids. From anti-slip drainage and anti-microbial floor mats, to disinfectant boot wash stations to sanitize contaminants, virus and other bacteria from the bottom of shoes, our line of mats will meet your food processing plant floor covering needs while reducing the risk of slips and falls – the perfect solution for standing workers.

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    Disinfectant mat to clean and sanitize shoes
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    Sani-Trax® Plus
    Disinfectant mat holds up to 5 gallons of disinfectant solution
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    Boot Wash Station
    Step into the tray, sanitizing solution cleans footwear
    Starting at: $127.92
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    Skystep™ Red
    A red nitrile standalone rubber mat for individual workstations
    Starting at: $63.74
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    Modular Lok-Tyle™
    Lightweight vinyl tiles for use as flooring in wet environments
    Starting at: $1.14
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    Sanitop® Red
    Nitrile rubber floor mat with molded beveled edges
    Starting at: $110.59
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    De-Flex™ Niru®
    Nitrile rubber modular mat provides ergonomic support and traction
    Starting at: $54.17
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    Niru® Cushion-Ease®
    100% Nitrile heavy duty drainage modular anti-fatigue mat
    Starting at: $115.09
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    Niru® Cushion-Ease® Solid FR ESD
    ESD 100% Nitrile fire retardant heavy duty solid modular anti-fatigue
    Starting at: $360.97
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    Niru® Versa Runner™
    Nitrile rubber runner with a slotted knob-top design
    Starting at: $76.68
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    Niru® Knob-Top Runner™
    Nitrile rubber runner with a knob-top design
    Starting at: $64.92
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    San-Eze® II
    Top-of-the-line Nitrile food service large hole drainage mat
    Starting at: $135.80
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    Top-of-the-line Nitrile food service large hole drainage mat
    Starting at: $86.45
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    Tek-Tough JR® Black
    Heavy-duty food service drainage workstation mat
    Starting at: $84.93
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    Honeycomb drainage nitrile food service anti-fatigue mat
    Starting at: $89.88
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