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Food Service Mats by NoTrax®

NoTrax® food service mats are designed to provide employee safety and food safety with a balance of anti-fatigue, drainage and material compounds to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Benefits of NoTrax Food Service Mats

  • • Prevents or reduces slips and falls on slick floors
  • • Elevates workers above cold, wet floors
  • • Protects against breakage of falling objects
  • • Anti-fatigue cushioning promotes blood flow by stimulating continuous micro movements
  • • Increases productivity and safety
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    Finger Scrape®
    All-weather finger scraper outdoor entrance mat
    Starting at: $8.00
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    Ridge Scraper™
    Durable rubber outdoor high-low scraping entrance mat
    Starting at: $63.00
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    Outdoor entrance mat has holes to drain water and debris away.
    Starting at: $46.00
3 Items
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