NSF Gray Rubber Cutting Board Basic-TUFF™ T49

  • Premium rubber cutting board for at home chefs
  • Soft finish rubber cutting board to keep knives sharp
  • Hand wash with dish soap. No special oils/cleaners required
  • Made from solid rubber that won't crack, splinter or peel
  • Can be refinished to look like new
  • Available Colors: Gray
  • Overall Thickness: 1/2
  • Stock Sizes: 1/2" x 12"x 18"; 1/2" x 15"x 20"; 1/2" x 18"x 24"
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    Basic-TUFF™ rubber cutting board is designed with the everyday chef in mind. These rubber cutting boards will not crack, splinter, swell, or absorb liquids or odors. Rubber throughout the board makes for easy cutting on your knives and on you, making it the highest quality everyday cutting board. The rubber cutting board can be resurfaced by sanding the board as needed. Basic-TUFF™ cutting boards are tested and certified by NSF International.