NSF Colored Cutting Boards Rainbow Pak™ T48

  • Made from high density polyethylene
  • Won’t crack, splinter, swell, or absorb liquids or odors
  • Anti-Microbial to prevent bacterial growth, NSF certified, non Toxic, and complies with FDA guidelines.
  • Highly resistant to warping
  • Available in single or 6 pack
  • Available Colors: Blue; Green; Multicolor; Red; Tan; Yellow; n/a
  • Overall Thickness: 1/2
  • Stock Sizes: 1/2" x 12"x 18"; 1/2" x 15"x 20"; 1/2" x 18"x 24"; RACK
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Rainbow-Pak™ cutting boards are made from a high density polyethylene plastic that's highly resistant to warping and won’t crack, splinter, swell, or absorb liquids or odors. Tested and certified by NSF International, each Rainbow-Pak™ consists of 6 color-coded cutting boards to minimize the risk of cross contamination (also available in single color packs). An available rack, wall chart, and cutting guide are also available to help organize and maintain the cutting boards. Manufactured with MicroStop® anti-microbial rubber compound.