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Food Service Solid Anti-Slip and Anti-Fatigue Mats

Solid mats for the foodservice industry from NoTrax are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for guests and personnel in restaurants, packaging plants, and more. Restaurants are often fast-paced, busy environments. To reduce the potential for injuries resulting from slips and falls or bodily strain, it is important to select the right mats for your establishment.

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    Comfort Rest Pebble - T41
    Foam anti-fatigue pebble-texture surface
    Starting at: $19.00
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    Superfoamâ„¢ - T17
    Extremely lightweight PVC/Nitrile foam blend anti-fatigue mat
    Starting at: $80.00
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    Superfoamâ„¢ Plus - T57
    Best soft gel foam anti-fatigue mat for extreme comfort
    Starting at: $33.00
3 Items
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