Adhesive Pads to Hold Floor Mats 090

  • Rubberized mesh pad adheres to floor and underside of vinyl backed carpet mat
  • Does not leave behind any residue and will not stain carpeting or floors
  • Recommend that mesh pad is cut 6 inches narrower than mat on all 4 sides
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Overall Thickness: 1/8
  • Custom Lengths: 2' and 3' widths (up to 100' long)
As low as $3.00
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Mat Hold is a self-adhesive mesh pad used to eliminate mat movement by gently adhering a mat to the floor. Typically used on smooth surface flooring, Mat Hold can also be used on carpeting. The light adhesive is re-positionable and will not leave behind any residue or stain the underlying floor or carpet.