Entrance Matting

Entrance Matting

NoTrax Entrance Mats

Entrance matting often provides a building’s first impression to visitors. It is also the first line of defense for keeping dirt and debris out of your facility. NoTrax entrance mat products are designed to remove dirt and moisture from shoes, prevent debris from travelling within facilities, make entrance ways look clean and tidy and reduce slip hazards.

Entrance Matting Options for Your Industry

There’s no "one-size-fits-all" entrance mat for all industries. Ideally, entrance mats should include attractive design, high throughput rate and excellent functionality in all weather. Various factors should be considered, including function, thickness, environment, amount of traffic and comfort, among others. NoTrax entrance mat options are available for indoor and outdoor applications, and for medium to heavy traffic.

Benefits of Entrance Mats

  • • Reduce cleaning costs
  • • Contribute to improved indoor air quality
  • • Protect and preserve interior flooring
  • • Help prevent slips, trips and falls
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  1. 1 0
    Chevron pattern entrance mat to clean footwear
    Starting at: $25.00
  2. 1 28
    Brush Step®
    Ribbed pattern entrance mat for cleaning the bottom of shoes
    Starting at: $21.00
  3. 1 0
    Heritage Rib™
    High performance double ribbed pattern entrance carpet mat for drying shoes
    Starting at: $29.00
  4. 1 0
    Arrow Trax®
    High performance herringbone pattern entrance mat to combat dirty shoes
    Starting at: $46.00
  5. 1 0
    Evergreen Diamond™
    Fashionable entrance mat made with recycled carpet fibers to dry shoes
    Starting at: $48.00
  6. 1 0
    Entrance mat for drying shoes for light to medium traffic areas
    Starting at: $24.00
  7. 1 0
    Dense carpet entrance mat for drying shoes to keep floors dry
    Starting at: $33.00
  8. 1 0
    Attractive entrance mat captures dirt and dries shoes in one step
    Starting at: $43.00
  9. 1 0
    Luxurious berber-style entrance mat for an elegant appearance
    Starting at: $32.00
  10. 1 0
    Scrape, clean and dry the bottom of footwear in one entrance mat
    Starting at: $168.00
  11. 1 17
    Tough entrance mat to dry shoes to keep floors clean and dry
    Starting at: $38.00
  12. 1 0
    Resilient mini-checked entrance mat both cleans and dries shoes
    Starting at: $48.00
  13. 1 0
    Carpet entrance mat to aggressively clean the bottom of shoes
    Starting at: $38.00
  14. 1 32
    Dome molded pattern carpet mat with anti-microbial treatment
    Starting at: $59.00
  15. 1 26
    Diamond CTE™
    Diamond pattern that is raised and crushproof for light traffic
    Starting at: $21.00
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