Standing Desk Mat Superfoam™ Revive RS 425

  • Ideal standing mat for desk in a home office or as a workstation mat in industrial environments
  • Highly resistant to grease, oils and animal & vegetable fats
  • Durable, lightweight rubberized gel foam is easy to pick up and move
  • Ergonomically designed standup mat that provides high level of rebound without bottoming out
  • Non-allergenic, silicone-free compound. Anti-bacterial.
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Overall Thickness: 3/4
  • Stock Sizes: 20"x 24"; 36"x 40"
As low as $33.00
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Superfoam™ Revive RS standing mat is a durable rubberized gel foam mat designed for extreme ergonomic comfort. Made from a completely closed cell foam, Superfoam™ Revive RS standing mat does not absorb liquids and is highly resistant to grease, oils and animal and vegetable fats. Super soft upper layer and a dense under layer with mildew-proof antibacterial formulation makes the mat itself more hygienic and long lasting. This anti-fatigue mat is ideal for workers standing for long periods of time, bathrooms or kitchens. This is the best standing desk mat, perfect for home office and durable enough for industrial use.