Interlocking Rubber Mat De-Flex® Anti-Static 573

  • Resilient rubber compound with bulleted domes underneath for to bend and flex for fatigue relief
  • ESD Static Dissipative, RG 10⁶ - 10⁹ Ω; RP 10⁶ - 10⁹ Ω
  • Solid top diamond plate design provides traction
  • Heavy duty industrial floor tiles that are easy to snap together with no male/female ends
  • 571 De-Flex® Ramps prevent tripping and allow for cart access
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Overall Thickness: 3/4
  • Stock Sizes: 18"x 18"
As low as $51.00
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Interlocking Rubber Mat De-Flex® Anti-Static 573
Interlocking Rubber Mat De-Flex® Anti-Static 573 573 Zoom NoTrax® De-Flex® Modular Matting – How to Install 573 Configuration 573 Black Swatch

De-Flex® ESD is an Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protective mat that is formulated to drain static electricity from workers to safeguard against static shocks and protect equipment. De-Flex® ESD is extremely comfortable heavy duty anti-fatigue matting system with popular diamond plate traction surface that can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas or individual workstation mats. The modular rubber tiles are designed with a universal double-locking system on all sides to ensure an extra strong yet seamless connection for fast installation. The platform insulates the worker from the hard ground while the bulleted domes underneath allow the mat to bend and flex with every movement. Unique extended ramp prevents tripping and allows cart access with smart beveling solutions for inside and outside corners.

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