Custom Logo Mats

Custom Logo Mats Help Your Business Stand Out

Promote your organization, make a stellar first impression, and stop dirt at the door with our multifunctional custom logo mats. Shop Now
A custom logo mat from the Superior Impact™ line of mats by NoTrax.


Multi-functional and customizable, NoTrax® logo mats stop dirt and debris while putting your brand at the forefront. With options for even the most highly trafficked areas, our custom logo mats are made of high-quality fibers and feature non-skid backing to reduce slips, trips, and falls. Our mats are printed using a state-of-the-art, computer controlled dye-injection process. Dye is injected deep into the carpet pile for long-lasting color that resists fading over time, ensuring your message can be read bright and clear even after hundreds of passes.

Best Sellers

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    Master Guard™ Logo Mats
    Indoor/outdoor logo mat promotes brand or message

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    Arrow Trax®
    High performance herringbone pattern entrance mat to combat dirty shoes
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    Chevron pattern entrance mat to clean footwear
    Starting at: $35.00

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    Safety Message Mats
    Make your safety message loud and clear
    Starting at: $139.00

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  5. 1 0
    Superior Impact™ Logo Mat
    Stops dirt and debris while promoting your brand/message
    Starting at: $121.00

    SKU: 193 Buy Now

The Benefits of Logo Floor Mats for Your Business

A NoTrax custom logo mat is created using state-of-the-art computer-driven dye injection.

  • Dye-injection process for vibrant, fade-resistant color
  • Vinyl backing ensures minimal buckling and mat movement
  • Options for low, medium, and high-traffic
  • Custom sizes available, minimum quantity required

Whether you choose a Master Guard™ or Superior Impact™ entrance mat, you'll be putting your best foot forward with a high-quality carpet mat. In addition to providing a sleek and professional looking first-impression, our custom logo mats keep slips, trips, and contamination to a minimum.


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