Stand Up for Ergonomics

You might want to stand up for this, seriously. According to James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, “The chair is out to kill us,” ergonomically speaking. It’s a hard statement to believe when majority of individuals reading this are probably sitting and have been sitting for what studies believe to be “too long”. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Research suggests that sitting for long periods is linked to health problems, including obesity and metabolic syndrome.” Another study from the Wexner Medical Center for Personalized Health Care goes as far to say “every hour spent sitting shortens our life by 22 minutes – twice as much as smoking a cigarette.”

But what is the solution to this newly found diagnosis and what does it have to do with floor mats? Enter the standing workstation.  The traditional “sit-down” desk is being replaced with a workstation that raises and lowers allowing employees to alternate between sitting and standing while at work. According to OSHA “Working with the body in a neutral position reduces stress and strain on the muscles, tendons, and skeletal system and reduces your risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD)”. MSD is another issue making news as employees in various work environments report feeling discomfort and pain.

There is one more piece to add to our ergonomic puzzle, the floor mat. When you are standing for the better part of an 8 hour shift, what you stand on becomes very important. Ergonomic and anti-fatigue mats play a large part in alleviating foot pressure, stimulating blood circulation and reducing stress on the neck, legs, and lower back.

If your office happens to be the next one affected by the “sit, stand, repeat” epidemic make sure you’re prepared. Comfort boosts more than just blood flow, it enhances productivity!

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