Entrance mats play a major role in a facility’s cleanliness. Up to 80 percent of interior soil is brought into facilities from foot traffic. Entrance matting ensures that dirt, grime and even snow is stopped at the door.

During the winter months, snow can be dragged into a facility from the outside. Snow can also become slushy and watery, which causes dirt and grime to stick to the bottom of your shoe. According to an article on Clean Link, dirt that is brought in on shoes can also cause wear and tear on other flooring.

A recent study done by Dr. Parisa Ariya, professor of chemistry and atmospheric sciences at McGill University in Canada shows that snow soaks up toxic pollutants in the air.

“Snow flakes are ice particles with various types of surfaces, including several active sites, that can absorb various gaseous or particulate pollutants,” Ariya told The Huffington Post. “When you step on snow and drag the snow inside you are dragging in the toxins.”

To protect your entrance from snow it is important to have the proper floor mat at the entrance of your facility. 

The new Master Flex™ design blends the functionalities of a multi zone entrance matting system with the ease of on-site modular installation into an effective and ingenious matting solution. This full service matting system offers a smooth and harmonious transition from outdoor to indoor as well as from scraping to cleaning to drying.

NoTrax Master Flex series is made from a durable natural rubber compound that is inherently resilient, anti-slip and withstands the heaviest foot traffic.

The outdoor modular rubber mat tile has an open octagonal construction with large drainage holes for snow and dirt. The mat has excellent adherence and adapts to any surface while the raised studs underneath allow water to drain through, keeping the surface clean and dry.

The large quality carpet mat inserts in a variety of colors easily coordinate with the aesthetics of the building and interior design while providing excellent absorption of moisture to dry shoes and prevent slips and falls.