NoTrax Boot Sanitation Mat Station Helps Stomp Out Germs

Boot sanitizing has taken on a new light aworkplaces open again to a post-COVID 19 era. For workers in industries such as agriculture, food processing, packaging plants, and others that require strict sanitation, navigating this new normal can be daunting. But most people don’t know infectious contaminants can also be spread by your boots. And that we could learn a thing or two about how to prevent it from spreading, by those professions that have dealt with sanitizing boots for years – the biosecurity industry.  

A recent Wall Street Journal article points out the strict sanitization techniques that farmers – in this case, a pig farmer – practice daily. When cross-contamination can result in spreading epidemic illness among our global meat supply, hyper-hygienic methods are the norm.   

So how can your employees keep from tracking germs and contamination into hygienic areas in the workplace? The NoTrax Boot Wash Station disinfectant mats are the solution – using it to disinfect the bottom of boots could help reduce bacteria on the floor by 65%. 

Boot Sanitizing Mat Helps Eliminate Cross Contamination 

Sanitizer won’t splash out, overflow or make a wet and potentially dangerous mess on your floor. Boot sanitizing has never been easier – simple to use and set up: 

Use with a concentrated ammonia-based quaternary disinfectant or similar, diluted to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Once the soaker sponge insert is completely chargedstep slowly in by lifting one foot at a time to maintain balance until standing in the center. Shift weight form side to side and back and forth to completely coat boot soles. This ensures boots are thoroughly disinfected. Step carefully out of the boot sanitizing mat system to prevent slipping.  

NoTrax Boot Wash Station Disinfectant Mat 

  • Cleans and disinfects the bottom of boots
  • HDPE tray withstands harsh chemicals found in disinfectants – holds 2.5 quarts!
  • Sponge insert absorbs the solution to deliver thorough cleaning of soles
  • Easy to fill and empty tray

Applications include:

  • Food processing/ manufacturing/ packaging plants
  • Laboratories and medical testing
  • Agri-chem/farming
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Emergency response
  • And many others

Take Positive Steps by Sanitizing Boots Today 

When contamination could be detrimental to your operations, extreme hygienic best practices are vital. Don’t just let germs walk through the door – protect your facility with the NoTrax Boot Wash Station boot sanitizing mat today.    

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