Baffled by Bevels?

Trips and falls occur more frequently in the workplace than most people realize. In fact, more than 240,000 cases of falls, slips and trips resulted in days missed in 2018, according to a Bureau of Labor report. More alarmingly, “slips, trips, and falls cause nearly 700 fatalities per year,” the report adds.

However, beveled safety mats provide a simple solution to reducing fall-related injuries. What are bevels? Simple – bevels are the inclined or ramped edges of a mat that allow easy access on to and off the mat surface.

Bevels typically increase the mat size between 2 and 6 inches per side. When properly installed, bevels minimize trips and falls, resulting in fewer days missed, fewer injuries and a safer work area. In addition, bevels are available in a variety of bright colors to call attention to the mat’s edge.

Types of Bevels

The next question to ponder is “What type of bevels are the right fit for our workplace?”  No worries – we’ve got you covered. First, let’s look at where the “rubber meets the road” with Niru (nitrile) bevels.

Niru (Nitrile) Series

Niru is NoTrax’s nitrile synthetic rubber, also known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.  As a rubber compound, nitrile is very resilient and known for its high tensile strength as well as resistance to oils, greases, animal fats and chemicals.

NoTrax offers several top-notch combinations of Niru mats and bevel systems, including the bestselling Cushion-Ease® Solid Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mat and the Cushion-Ease® Interlocking Anti Fatigue Rubber Mat series. Both models are compatible with NoTrax’s M.D. Ramp System®  or the M.D.-X Ramp System™  -- two of our premier nitrile, attachable ramp systems.

Measuring 2 inches wide, the M.D. Ramp System is a “snap” to snap together – perfect for on-site, custom workstation platforms. The male/female ramp system is available in 3-ft and 5-ft lengths. The M.D.-X Ramp System features a 10-degree slope angle for easy rolling of wheeled carts. It measures six inches wide.

De-Flex® Series

Mats in NoTrax’s De-Flex series are built for toughness and safety – heavy-duty, industrial floor tiles that snap together with no male/female ends. De-Flex Heavy Duty Interlocking Rubber Mats are thick, 3/4-inch, rubber interlocking floor tiles. They hold up to wear and tear while protecting the floor. As a bonus, mats in this line won’t expand and contract like vinyl. Unique rubber formulation with bulleted domes underneath allows this anti-fatigue mat to bend and flex with every movement.

To safeguard against static shocks, use the De-Flex Anti-Static Interlocking Rubber Mat. It is uniquely formulated to drain static electricity from workers.

The De-Flex Ramps system is the perfect beveled match for the De-Flex family of floor mats. Constructed of a nitrile base rubber compound, the system provides a 6-inch long gradual beveled edge for greater ease onto or off the work platform.  The ramps fit either side of the mat, eliminating the need for male/female ends. Beveled and molded with mitered corners, the 571 also features a protruding tab that locks together the two adjoining ramps for a secure, professional corner.

Skymaster® Series

The NoTrax Skymaster HD series is a heavy-duty rubber compound mat perfect for industrial strength applications. Snap-together tiles can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas or individual workstations. The ½-inch thick worker platform provides a noticeable ergonomic benefit with a bubble pattern for maximum fatigue relief in dry industrial environments. Customize workstation platforms onsite with a heavy duty ramp made of tough, resistant nitrile.

In some cases, a workspace needs a curved mat for optimal coverage. The Skymaster HD i-Curve and o-Curve families are 22.5 degree curved mats on-site for unique configurations such as S-curves, half-moons and complete circles. What’s the difference? The i-Curve is shaped like a pizza slice while the o-Curve is wedge-shaped to meet your specific shape needs.

Time to Install

Now that you have a greater understanding of mat bevels, it’s easy to install a NoTrax bevel or ramp system. Our bevels may be connected by hand or glued together to create a more secure working platform.

First, gather your supplies and products. These include NoTrax® glue, the bevel (ramp), a utility knife and the mat.

Next, using the marked cutting lines as a guide, cut your bevel to the size that fits the mat. Before cutting, line up the bevel against the mat and mark where you need to cut.  

Finally, apply the NoTrax® glue directly to the bevel, align the bevel with the mat and press firmly to ensure the bevel is securely attached. After wiping away any excess glue, you’re beveled mat will be completed!

Ready to “bevel up?” Contact a NoTrax professional today and request a free consultation. Our support team is available to make sure you’re never baffled by bevels again!

  1. 1 0
    M.D. Ramp System®
    Rubber ramp for use with the Cushion-Ease® family of matting products
    Starting at: $20.00
  2. 1 0
    M.D.-X Ramp System™
    Wider rubber ramp for use with the Cushion-Ease® family of mats
    Starting at: $29.00
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    Highest level of comfort interlocking anti-fatigue rubber mat
    Starting at: $31.00
  4. 1 2
    Skymaster® HD Ramp
    Ramps for use with the Skymaster® HD series
    Starting at: $15.00