Say No to Snow…in Your Facility

Entrance mats play a major role in a facility’s cleanliness. Up to 80 percent of interior soil is brought into facilities from foot traffic. Entrance matting ensures that dirt, grime and even snow is stopped at the door.

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Studies Show Varying Between Sitting, Standing Improves Posture

There are many aspects that go into having a productive work day including your attitude, health and motivation. All of these can be altered and determined by good posture. Good posture leads to a healthy productive work day. Sitting with poor posture for most of the day and constantly standing without support will eventually lead to pain. Today, there is evidence to back the importance of altering your position while working.

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Stand Up for Ergonomics

You might want to stand up for this, seriously. According to James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, “The chair is out to kill us,” ergonomically speaking. It’s a hard statement to believe when majority of individuals reading this are probably sitting and have been sitting for what studies believe to be “too long”.

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