Anti Fatigue Mat Co-Nex™ Ramps 581

  • Easy to snap together system for on-site custom work station platforms
  • General purpose rubber compound
  • Compatible with CO-NEX™ mats
  • 3 foot long Male/Female Ramps
  • Available Colors: Yellow
  • Overall Thickness: 1/2
  • Stock Sizes: 2"x 36"
As low as $25.00
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Anti Fatigue Mat Co-Nex™ Ramps 581
Anti Fatigue Mat Co-Nex™ Ramps 581 581 Yellow 581 In Use 581 Yellow Swatch 581 Yellow Swatch

CO-NEX™ Ramps are designed for use with CO-NEX™ floor mats and provides a 2” beveled edge for easy access onto or off of the work platform. Made from a general purpose rubber compound. All ramp lengths fit the male/female interlocking system on the mats and are beveled and molded with mitered corners and a protruding tab that locks together the two adjoining ramps for a secure, professional corner. Square edges can be achieved by trimming off the miter using the cut line on the bottom of the ramp.