Low Profile Entry Rug Mat, Brush Step®, 109

  • PROTECTS YOUR FLOOR - If you're tired of having a wet/soggy entrance rug or worried about slips, trips, and falls, this all weather mat is right for you. The NoTrax floor mat is the best defense to keep water, snow, salt and debris from being tracked inside. The poly fibers absorb moisture, while the impermeable vinyl backing prevents moisture from reaching the floor.
  • EASY TO USE - The Brush Step design has a unique double rib high/low design which helps get in between the sole tread of shoes for simple cleaning and drying. The vinyl back helps keep the rug in place to prevent slips, trips and falls. The minimalist low design makes it easy to vacuum. When used as a door mat, it gives way for doors to easily open, and as a chairmat, allows chairs to roll freely.
  • DURABLE/LONG LASTING -No need to worry about replacing this indoor entrance mat frequently. Its sleek design makes it suitable for areas with medium traffic. This rug has the strength of a commercial mat with a sleek design that can hold up to everyday use.
  • Available Colors: Brown; Charcoal; Hunter Green; Red/Black; Slate Blue
  • Overall Thickness: 5/16
  • Stock Sizes: 2'x 3'; 3'x 4'; 3'x 5'; 3'x 6'; 3'x 10'; 4'x 6'; 4'x 8'
  • Roll Sizes: 3'x 60'; 4'x 60'; 6'x 60'
  • Custom Lengths: 3', 4' and 6' widths (up to 60' long)
Made in USA Made in USA
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109 Charcoal
109 Charcoal 109 Black 109 Brown 109 Green 109 Red / Black 109 Red / Black 109 Green 109 Blue 109 Charcoal 109 Brown 109 Corner 109 Corner 109 Corner 109 Corner 109 Corner 109 Brown Overhead 109 Brown Overhead 109 Brown Overhead 109 Brown Overhead 109 Green Application 109 Situational 109 Brown 109 Brown 109 Brown 109 Brown 109 Application 109 Brown Overhead 109 Swatch 109 Green Swatch 109 Charcoal Swatch 109 Brown Swatch 109 Blue Swatch

The low profile entry rug Brush Step® features a lighter-weight double rib high/low design that performs the scraping function of the mat. The ribbed surface brushes, channels, and conceals dirt and debris and is the perfect choice for light to medium traffic areas.